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Adventures of Lariat Sam, The


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Characters & Voices
Lariat Sam - Dayton Allen
Tippy - Toes
"Yippy-yi-yippy-yo, yippy-yippy-yi-yay,
His name is Lariat Sam,
Yippy-yi-yippy-yo, yippy-yippy-yi-yay,
In the West he's the best that am..."

First seen on as a segment on Captain Kangaroo in 1961, The Adventures of Lariat Sam starred an idealistic cowboy who traveled the west with his horse Tippytoes.

Sam always managed to see the good in people, so much so that he refused to carry a gun, using only his trusty lariat to defend those in need. The derby-wearing Tippytoes was a kindred spirit, a "Wonder Horse" with a fondness for poetry. Together, the friendly duo kept the Old West safe from outlaws like Badlands Meeny, who was just as rotten as his name.

After three years on Captain Kangaroo, the thirteen Lariat Sam stories (each consisting of three 5-minute chapters) went into syndication, where the rope-slinging cowboy continued to delight young audiences with his quick hands and honest heart.

"Brave and bold with a heart of gold,
His name is Lariat Sam,
Strong for the right, for the right he'll fight,
His name is Lariat Sam,
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