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Mighty Max


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Film Roman


Characters & Voices
Arachnoid - Rene Auberjonois
Bea - Kath Soucie
Max's Mom - Tress MacNeille
Mighty Max - Rob Paulsen
Norman - Richard Moll
Skullmaster - Tim Curry
Virgil - Tony Jay
Warmonger - Rob Paulsen
Ernie - Charlie Adler
Calimarus - Charlie Adler
Felix - Corey Burton
J.C. Mega - Corey Burton
Originally part of the "Amazin' Adventures" block.

Long ago, an great people called the Lemurians graced the earth with wondrous powers. Their greatest achievements, existing to modern times, were the ability to make one-way portals across the Earth, strategically placed and opened only by a special key in the form of a red baseball cap. The other: a book of ancient symbols, each of which could be used only once. This book was known as the Lemurian Arconner.

Of course, as all great civilizations have done throughout history, the Lemurians met their downfall. The one responsible for their downfall? A skinless man named Skullmaster, whose punishment was imprisonment in the center of the Earth. With him is another icon of Lemurian civiliation, the crystal of souls. The catch for the crystal was that the souls had to be given freely. Needless to say, Skullmaster must have had a lot of charisma!

The Lemurians, excellent in forseeing the future, foretold of a hero, Max who would destroy Skullmaster. The catch? Max is only a kid. An eleven-year-old kid, to be more accurate.

This is why he is aided by Virgil, the only other Lemurian to still walk the Earth, and Norman, a near-immortal assigned as " The Guardian". Virgil holds the scrolls that act as a map to the worldwide portal systems, and Norman, well, guards Mighty Max.

Max, Virgil, and Norman traveled the world, battling evils from Skullmaster, to a giant spider, to world-dominating aliens, to evil computer programmers that want to digitize the planet. Whew! A lot of work for a kid, a chicken ("That's fowl, actually"), and a Hercules-like guardian. They were occasionally aided by Max's friends, Bea and Felix, and his mother, referred to only as Mom.
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